Canada Games Sport For Life Centre is a large facility with many rooms to offer up something for all players and coaches.

The elevator has 2 sets of buttons which indicate the Admin side and the Gymnasium side.  Alternatively you can take the large stairway near the entrance of the building.  Either way you take, you'll want to know where to enter/exit, so here's an index:

Basement - Theatre Room & Chill Out/Dining Room
Main Floor - Reception and Entrance/Exit of Building
2L - Competition Gymnasium/Field of Play/Officials Room/Volunteers Room (12 badminton courts, spectator seating, private rooms which will be designated with signage)
3L - Active Lounge (Athlete Lounge) - Turn right out of the elevator until you hit a pair of double doors, go through doors and down the hall into the large room with blue floor)
4L - Public Gymnasium (contact Sport MB for rates and usage during your stay!)